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New Onga U6KS Drainage Pump

Onga U6KS Drainage Pump

Brand: Onga
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U6KS Drainage Pump

U6KS model is suitable for lift wells, garden fountains, greenhouses, basements, pump wells and reservoirs. It's unique silicon carbide mechanical seal make it suitable not only for conveying drainage and waste water but also for liquid fertiliser. The U6KS also includes an integrated motor contact switch which turns the pump off if it overheats. Operational safety and a long service life are prime features of this pump.


Drainage of non-contaminated water and mildly contaminated (faecal free) waste and ground water including silage liquor and liquid manure, rainwater and domestic waste water such as from washing machines and dishwashers.

Key Features 

  • 10/20mm free passage (20mm free passage when removable strainer has been detached)

  • SiC mechanical seal

  • Continuous operation

  • Low level pumping

  • Flushing device

  • Moisture sealed cable inlet

  • Built in level control

  • Max. head - 9 m

  • Max. flow - 250 lpm


2 year warranty  




Technical Data


​Technical Data

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