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65kg Rammer - TV65DFW

65kg Rammer - TV65DFW

Brand: Crommelins Machinery
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Rammers - TACOM Rammer Model TV65DFW



Rammers: TACOM Rammer Model TV65DFW - Made in Japan
TACOM Rammer Model TV65DFW
Made in Japan
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Precision rammers which provide excellent workability for trenchworks, foundation compacting for buidings, back filling and paving operations.


Special Features:

  • All models feature front corner rounded shoe with steel sole

  • Protection of recoil starting is reinforced with an engine guard

  • Large size rubber isolator with stopper system

  • Heavy duty built in air cleaner - double air cleaner is standard

  • Engine speed features adjustable throttle

  • Larger sized bellows prevent bellows loosening or twisting

  • Height adjustable operator handle


  TACOM Rammer Model TV65DFW
Model TV65DFW
Weight 65 kg
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 774x420x1038
Ramming Shoe Size mm (LxW) 333x280
Stroke (mm) 40-50
Vibration Frequency (vpm) 650-700
Engine SUBARU EH12-2D 4 stroke petrol
Maximum Output rpm 3600


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