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Water Treatment

Water Treatment


With an increasing population and demand on our water supply, are you concerned about the water quality flowing through your taps for drinking, showering and cleaning?


Solutions can include:

  • Treating tank water, bore water and surface water that may contain debris, sediment, iron, harmful viruses & bacteria
  • Improving the taste & quality of household drinking water supply by removing heavy metals, chlorine & fluoride that can be present in mains water supply
  • Significantly reducing water hardness with the use of water softeners
  • Reducing cases of total disolved solids in drinking water (including salt) through a simple to use, reverse osmosis system
  • Neat whole of house systems that has your filtration, UV sterilisation & pumping needs covered with Aquashield Max!
  • Assistance to the food & beverage industry through the use of multi-stage filtration & commercial UV systems.


At Crowell Benson Power & Water we are a fully operational service shop and have been a family owned and run business spanning three generations. For help with this or any other product feel free to contact us.


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