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Davey Dynapond 8000 Pond Pump

Davey Dynapond 8000 Pond Pump

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Submersible Pond Pumps




Submersible pond pump with adjustable inlet strainer. Designed for continuous operation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Features & Benefits

  • Open impeller, centrifugal pump with adjustable strainer means the pump can pass small soft solids in the water without blockage.
  • Can be operated vertically or horizontally so they are easy to install and conceal.
  • Suction strainer easy to remove for cleaning to provide easy maintenance and efficient operation.
  • Made from corrosion resistant materials for a long service life.
  • No oil in motor or seal means they are safe for fish ponds
  • Dynapond 8000 now manufactured in sea water safe materials, making it ideal for marine applications





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