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XF171 Electric Transfer Pump

XF171 Electric Transfer Pump

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XF171 Transfer Pumps w/Thermotection - 71101


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The XF Series pumps offer high efficiency and longer operating life. Manufactured to the highest standards from quality tested materials including stainless steel pump shaft, corrosion resistant polycarbonate impellers and IP555 TEFC Motors.

Features & Benefits


General water transfer

Desalinated Water

Dairy cooling towers

Sea water pumping

Hydroponic systems


Water circulation

Aquaculture applications 


Closed vane impellers with full length 'D' drive for positive robust impeller drive.

Motor and pump are designed for frequent starts providing a long and reliable working life.

Pump shaft and casing (on twin impeller models) are manufactured from quality corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Every pump is performance and pressure tested in our factory to ensure quality and reliability.


Special XF171S and XF192S models are available which have silicon corbide seals and Thermoprotection. Thermoprotection automatically stops the pump if the water in the casing exceeds 85° C, to avoid damage from closed head running. Thermoprotection automatically resets when the temperature falls below 65°C.




At Crowell Benson Power & Water we are a fully operational service shop and have been a family owned and run business spanning three generations. For help with this or any other product feel free to contact us.

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