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Spa Pool Pumps

Spa Pool Pumps


Spa Pools are often the focal point of surburbanian back yards and are incorporated into the features and landscaping of many modern homes. Great for entertaining, spa pools offer the lifestyle without compromising on space and often the aesthetics of the spa pool and it's surrounds are the primary focus.


However, what "powers" the spa is of great importance to ensure your spa pool offers the dependability and performance you expect of your new investment. Davey offers a wide range of products to ensure that all bases are covered. At Crowell Benson Power and Water, we source the best and deliver the best products.

The Davey range is also suitable for Swim Spas and includes:


- Spa controllers - Spa booster pumps
- Circulation pumps - Spa blowers (single, variable or two speed)
- Heaters - Spa Lights
- Ozone generation systems - Quality jets and fittings
- Valves (check valves, diverter valves, full flow and teflon valves)


At Crowell Benson Power & Water we are a fully operational service shop and have been a family owned and run business spanning three generations. For help with this or any other product feel free to contact us.



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