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Salt Water Chlorinators

Salt Water Chlorinators

If Keeping the water clean and pure, then both Onga and Davey have a range of products to rise to the challenge. At Crowell Benson Power and Water you will find a variety of options to suit your financial and practical requirments.





Pentair Water Pool & Spa is proud to announce the release of the switch mode salt water chlorinator. Compact in design this salt water chlorinator is the ideal environmental partner for your pool and features a sophisticated switch mode design with advanced technology that allows for 60% less electrical consumption. Working at an ambient temperature, the unit runs cooler than other chlorinators on the market and reduces voltage ripple. Manufactured in Australia.

Salt Water Systems are the most common form of pool water sanitising in Australia and work by converting salt water into chlorine gas - a highly effective sanitiser. Salt Water chlorinators offer pool owner's the benefits of automatic chlorine generation, low maintenenace, control of your pool's filtration cycles and minimises handling of chemicals. If you currently run a fresh water system with dosed liquid or granular chlorine, consider coverting to a salt water pool and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of salt water plus the convenience of automatic chlorine generation.

Davey Water Products offer a variety of Salt Water Chlorinators and brands to meet your needs, from low maintenance - reverse polarity models with high output electrolytic cells for large pools, to compact, basic, entry-level models for small pools and spas.

At Crowell Benson Power & Water we are a fully operational service shop and have been a family owned and run business spanning three generations. For help with this or any other product feel free to contact us.


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