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Pool Filters

Pool Filters

Regardless of the nature of your pool filtration needs, from brand new pools to replacing a unit, we have sourced arguably the best in the market through the dynamic ranges present from Onga and Davey. Whether you require Onga or Davey, we source both to maintain an effective coverage to the toughest of markets.



Your pool requires a pump and filtration device to circulate the pool water and remove suspended particles, debris and unwanted contaminants such as body fats and oils, making your pool a clean, clear and safe place to enjoy summer fun. Davey offers all of your filtration needs including media (sand) filtration for convenience and low maintenance, and cartridge filtration for a compact, water-saving system.

To keep your pool sparkling clear and free of contaminants, Davey offers a complete range of convenient Media Filters in Monarch Series and Davey brands, to suit small inground or above ground pools, right up to large in ground pools. Media Filters can hold sand or Zelbrite media as a long-lasting and convenient filter media.  Cartridge filters are a compact, and low water use solution to pool and spa filtration. Davey Cartridge filters utilise a Dupont Reemay material element that screens the suspended particles and unwanted contaminants from your pool water to keep it clean and clear. Simply remove the catridge element from time-to-time to hose off the filtered waste and re-charge the element. It's as simple as that. Davey has an extensive range of sizes in both Davey and Monarch Series brands to suit most pool and spa sizes, and also provides a full range of replacement elements for your convenience.  


Onga demonstrates a dedication to improving pool filtration. With wide range of filters covering sand and cartridge filters - Onga is confident it has a solution for you.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are the stalwart of the pool industry - the automatic choice for builders and owners looking for a great compromise between clean, clear water and low operating and upfront cost. All Onga sand filters are supplied with complete matching, high quality multiport valve, which allows the owner to easily move between the various operating modes of the pool equipment. The versatility of sand filters has been extended by the availability of Zelbrite filter media - a naturally occurring substance that traps the smallest particles that sand allows to pass through. This gives these filters the ability to provide water that is on a par with diatomaceous earth filters.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters give the owner a very simple and totally understandable filtration solution. Media Filters (typically sand) require backwashing and rinsing, which in turn necessitates multiport valves. Some owners are more comfortable with a basic cartridge filter that requires no multiport valve or associated pipework

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